Feedback from Happy Students

The warm welcoming atmosphere when one arrives at Rafas Sewing Studio makes a new student relaxed and settle in the class quickly. Fahranaaz, the instructor, is ever patient with a calm manner, encouraging, professional, allows each student to work at their own pace and is hands on while dealing with various levels. She gives each student the confidence to be able to produce professional looking items using a variety of techniques. I can certainly recommend this sewing school to anyone with little or no knowledge of sewing.

Delicia Madden


Rafah’s sewing studio is where I learned to not just sew, but to design and wear clothes that I always dreamed of. Teacher Faranaaz is so patient and she will skilfully show you how to design and sew a garment from scratch in as little as 1 lesson.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in her class and can proudly say that thanks to her I now sew and design clothes for me and my family.

Thank you Faranaaz. You’re a great teacher.

Briony Kemp


Faranaaz inspires confidence. You go in thinking you can’t but she tells you that you can… and you believe it! She’s patient and goes through everything step by step. I would most definitely recommend this school for anyone wanting to learn how to sew and draw patterns.

A pressure free, relaxing atmosphere. Absolutely love it.

Ayesha Schroeder


From day 1 my fun, loving, enthusiastic teacher Faranaaz has taught me how to thoroughly enjoy the art of pattern making and sewing! In less than 3 lessons, from not knowing anything, Faranaaz taught me how to sew a garment from scratch. I would definitely recommend Rafah’s sewing studio to all.

Firdaus Camroodien


Tomorrow will be my last lesson but what an amazing experience I had for 5 weeks. I never thought I could sew anything until I came to Rafah’s sewing studio. She is warm hearted and has a lot of patience. I would definitely recommend anyone to her.

Thanks Rafah for an amazing time.

Tasneem Davids


Shukran to an amazing teacher who is patient and very accommodating. I would recommend anyone to learn the basics of sewing at Rafah’s sewing studio. You go in as a learner and leave in a confident manner.

Soraya Taliep


When I first came to Rafahs sewing studio I had no sewing experience and within the first 10 lessons and with all the patience she had with me I was able to complete 4 garments.

I really enjoyed the classes and I will recommend Rafahs sewing studio to anyone who has an interest in learning how to sew 💯 truly the best teacher you can ask for ❣️

Tanweer Osman


Aslm Farahnaaz.

Just want to say Shukran once again for everything. It took me 3 years to get to where I am today but “I made it!”

I finally completed my first course and can proudly wear my garments👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻I walked away with so much more than just knowing how to sew and that is all because of you. I have more confidence in myself now more than ever🙏🏻 Shukran for being so patient with me and always telling me not to be too hard on myself and take my time lol. You are an amazing Teacher most kind and soft spoken person and always ready to help and answer my questions anytime of the day. I couldn’t wait to attend class every week🤗 so I will definitely be back for my intermediate course Insha Allah even if it takes me another 3 years🤭 and I will certainly recommend Rafah’s Sewing Studio to anyone and everyone I come across who is interested in taking a sewing course.

Definitely 5 Stars from me 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻💐

Malieka Taliep Mohammed