Welcome to Rafah's Sewing & Rgee Menswear

We are a small home based sewing studio offering part-time courses for adults, teens and kids from the age of 6 years old - in sewing, pattern making & various other sewing courses. ...................... Rgee brand, is a locally manufactured men’s underwear company established in 2020.

  • Rafah's sewing studio is where I learned to not just sew, but to design and wear clothes that I always dreamed of. Teacher Faranaaz is so patient and she will skilfully show you how to design and sew a garment from scratch in as little as 1 lesson. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in her class and can proudly say that thanks to her I now sew and design clothes for me and my family. Thank you Faranaaz. You're a great teacher. ..... Briony Kemp
  • Faranaaz inspires confidence. You go in thinking you can't but she tells you that you can... and you believe it! She's patient and goes through everything step by step. I would most definitely recommend this school for anyone wanting to learn how to sew and draw patterns. A pressure free, relaxing atmosphere. Absolutely love it. ..... Ayesha Schroeder
  • From day 1 my fun, loving, enthusiastic teacher Faranaaz has taught me how to thoroughly enjoy the art of pattern making and sewing! In less than 3 lessons, from not knowing anything, Faranaaz taught me how to sew a garment from scratch. I would definitely recommend Rafah's sewing studio to all. ..... Firdaus Camroodien
  • Tomorrow will be my last lesson but what an amazing experience I had for 5 weeks. I never thought I could sew anything until I came to Rafah's sewing studio. She is warm hearted and has a lot of patience. I would definitely recommend anyone to her. Thanks Rafah for an amazing time. ..... Tasneem Davids
  • Shukran to an amazing teacher who is patient and very accommodating. I would recommend anyone to learn the basics of sewing at Rafah's sewing studio. You go in as a learner and leave in a confident manner. ..... Soraya Taliep